Among Demons
Survival Minecraft Server version 3.7: changelog


Our server uses a whitelist system that requires you to create an account before being able to join regardless if you're a premium or a non-premium user.

Note: What gets whitelisted is the username you register on this website. Make sure that it's the same as your Minecraft username.

To login in-game you'll need to use the following command:

  • /login [password] or /l [password]

Server ip:

If you accidentally registered a wrong username, you can change it to your Minecraft username in your account, then try to login again.

Claim Land

1 soul lets you claim 5 blocks of land.

Souls are not consumed automatically. You have to get claim blocks by using:

  • /buyclaim [x] - trade souls for [x] claim blocks
  • /sellclaim [x] - trade [x] claim blocks for souls

Manage your areas with:

  • /claim [x] - claim the land around you in a radius of [x] blocks
  • /claimlist - lists a player's claims and claim block details
  • /trust [player] - gives another player permission to edit in your claim
  • /untrust [player] - revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim
  • /unclaim - deletes a claim and gives you souls back


Souls () are the currency of our server.

You can convert souls to in-game levels, use them to buy claim blocks or buy yourself some kits.

1 soul 1 level

Check or use your balance in-game with the following commands:

  • /souls or /s - shows how many souls you have
  • /souls convert [quantity] or /s convert [quantity] - convert souls into levels
  • /souls give [player] [quantity] or /s give [player] [quantity] - give souls to another player

Get more souls

All players receive 5 souls every 10 minutes while playing the game and 20 souls for every Advancement.

If you verify your email after register, we'll give you 60 souls.

Beside that, you can get souls by helping the community. We will reward you for it.

  • Invite friends using your personal referral code from your account. This gets you 30 for each verified account. Your friend gets 30 too!
  • You'll get 30 each time you vote for the server ( 24h cooldown period ). Voting Link
  • Donate to our server. We will reward you with based on the amount. Donation Link


Souls are used to obtain different items from the Kits page.

You start off with 60 that you receive after verifying your account. With those you can get a Starting Kit, some items or maybe a pet.

After you trade your souls for items, they will appear in your inventory at login.

If you are already in game type: /claimkit or /claimkits

Live Map

On our homepage you can see a live representation of the in-game Overworld. Check out other player's bases, locations or signs. Available commands:

  • /addmarker [message]
  • /delmarker, /deletemarker or /removemarker

You can place as many as you want. The cost of one will be 1000. You'll get a full refund when you delete it.


Available commands:

  • /sethome [name], /delhome [name] - use to manage your home locations
  • /homes - get a list of all your previously set homes
  • /tpa, /home, /spawn - each one costs 15
  • /back - costs 100

Note: If you use any of the teleport commands and it causes you to die ( example: teleport into lava) WE DO NOT RETURN YOUR ITEMS. Use them with caution and at your own risk.


A player's initial rank is Recruit. You can upgrade your rank by spending 1000 at the upgrade stone near spawn.

The following upgrades are available for rank: Fighter, Warrior, Knight, Hero, Legendary, Immortal

We've also added special ranks for players who choose to support the server financially through donations. These ranks are manually awarded by the admins. Here we have:

  • [vip] - donation of $25
  • [vip+] - donation of $50
  • [vip++] - donation of $100
So if you want to get your hands on a special donation rank Donate here .

PVP Arena

Player vs Player is enabled only in special areas. We've set up an Arena north of spawn. You can duel with your friends in an organized manner. Go check it out

Everywhere else, PVP is disabled to prevent grief.


The night passes, if at least 30% of the online players sleep.