Server Updates
Version 3.2

Version 3.2 - 07/31/2020

Players can add comments on the map using the command: /addmarker [message]

You can delete a marker by sitting at the sign's exact coordinates and typing /delmarker, /deletemarker or /removemarker

You can place as many as you want. The cost of one will be 1000 souls for now. You'll get a full refund when you delete it.

We've also started a new Overworld render to increase image quality when you zoom in.

Version 3.1 - 07/10/2020

Players can build experience farms that give over 1200 levels an hour. Our current system gives 1 soul for each level. This means that the economy is overloaded with souls.

Keeping this in mind we will try a different approach. You will no longer be able to buy souls with experience and everyone will receive them while playing. For now we settled on 5 souls every 10 minutes.

Note: you can still get experience from souls ( /souls sell and renamed to /sell convert ) and you can still trade them with other players ( /souls give )


  • Removed the /souls buy command
  • Renamed the command /souls sell into /souls convert
  • You get souls every 10 minutes while in game
  • Players will receive a message with the coordinates of the place they died
  • Customized monster messages when players skip the night

Other small fixes:

  • The storm will be stopped when players sleep and skip the night.
  • Spawn changes:
    • planted some trees for new players
    • added a few torches and glowstone lights to lower mob spawn
    • added some cats to scare creepers
    • put some dirt over exploded terrain

Version 3.0.2 - 07/10/2020

  • When you give souls, the receiving player will get notified in chat, if he is online.
  • Changed the login notification you get when your game name is different than your website username

Minecraft version update - 06/17/2020

Server was updated to Minecraft 1.16.1

Version 3.0.1 - 06/17/2020

  • Added a new command that lets you get kit items while in game. You no longer have to relog after trade. Just type /claimkit or /claimkits to get them.
  • Fixed a bug where kit items would disappear if the player inventory was full.

Kits Update - 06/07/2020

  • Added Villagers to kits for 100 souls each

Version 3.0 - 06/04/2020

  • You can modify and resize your claims with a Golden Shovel. Craft it or get it from our website in the kits section. It costs 10 souls
  • Souls are no longer consumed automatically when you claim an area. You have to get claim blocks by using: /buyclaim and /sellclaim

Version 2.1 - 06/03/2020

  • Made accounts active on register, but you only get 60 souls after you verify your email.
  • You can now see if your account is verified on the account page

Version 2.0 - 05/30/2020

Launched the initial version of the server.