Founders Collection

We converted the first demon models into NFTs. Owning a piece makes you a supporter of the Among Demons project.



Before trying to buy an NFT, you'll need to create a Cosmos wallet.

Once you have that ready, it's time to get some STARS. Go to and click on the [Get STARS] button situated in the top right corner of the website.

If you need extra help, we'll gladly guide you. Join our discord server and ask your question.

In this world, we have 11 types of demons, 6 models in each category and you can mint each one as follows:

151 Common
131 Uncommon
111 Rare
91 Epic
71 Legendary
51 Mythic

If we do the math, there are:

Unique / Total
66 / 6666

All NFTs are minted for the same price, despite rarity. The order is randomized.

Each NFT is created for 666 STARS

(because ... obvious reasons)

Of course, there is a secondary market where people trade them at whatever price they like.

The Founders Collection was created to fund the development of the Among Demons browser-based game.

When we hit 1000 / 6666 mints, we'll start working on it.

As an incentive, we'll be giving away 10 NFTs for each 100 minted, until we reach 1000. They will be randomly airdropped to holders.